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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Smoldering in the Ruins

It is no secret that the Extraordinaire is a movie-a-holic, particularly when the phrase "costume epic" is associated with the film in question. One visual spectacular that caught her young imagination was "Raintree County" a sort of reverse "Gone with the Wind" that described the angst of a young man from Indiana over his courtship and marriage with a genteel-ly insane Southern Belle played by the ever so slender Elizabeth Taylor. A pivotal scene in which a terrible, terrible secret from her past is revealed was filmed at a real-life ruin of a Southern mansion at Windsor Plantation near Port Gibson, Mississippi. It so happens that my mother grew up not 5 miles away across the Mississippi River in Louisiana, but it took 35 years and two Civil War battlefield trips in order for me to actually visit the place.

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by MissElodie

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While the house was built sometime before The War, it actually didn't burn until the 1890s so them Damn Yankees can't be blamed for this one!