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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

In the Wake of Disaster

As is implied in the subtitle of this blog, the Extraordinaire is in the employ of The People. In this case, those residing in the State of Texas. With a territory as big as it is, lots of things happen here. Sometimes they aren't nice things such as the big hurricane with the little name that blew onto the coast last year. The Extraordinaire's office happens to be in the business of controlling the beaches and those things that happen to be on them and so everyone's been busy responding to the aftermath of Ike. The devastation was such that Texas isn't responding alone and so the Federal government in the guise of FEMA is working within our cubicle real estate. They're also needing access to our electronic information and so yours truly has had a chance to work closely with them.

Now for someone originally from Louisiana with friends and relatives who survived Katrina, FEMA is truly a four letter word, but I have to say, the folk from the Fed are quite nice and willing to work in very crowded conditions. They're a plucky bunch from all over the United States.

What's the point of this diatribe? Well, the Extraordinaire wanted to pen a note saying how desperately Texas wants to get Galveston and other points coastal up and running and back in business. The fair port city on the Gulf has survived countless hurricanes, wars, epidemics, and other tragedies. It needs to be known once more for cruise ships, Mardi Gras, Dickens on the Strand, and tacky tacky shops on the pier. Although Government is often decried for its pork, waste, and inefficiency, the Extraordinaire just wanted readers to know that the people within do sometimes have a heart and even a soul...

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