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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Tech Geeks: Ya Gatta Get One!

This is a tribute to the oft-maligned and misunderstood tech geek. Yes, they are easy to poke fun at: they dress badly, are very rumpled, often play silly role-playing or computer games, and sometimes don't smell that great. Yet they are really useful to have around: they can move furniture, take the dogs to the vet, and even tell you that the reason your computer isn't working is because the mouse is unplugged.

Yes, the Extraordinaire possesses such a creature. His name is Russell and he's been upgrading her computers for the past nine years. Lately he's been kinda lonely, as the Extraordinaire's work and hobbies have been keeping her busy. He will often fix dinner (or at least ask "what restaurant?") and keep the boys' shots updated. So, cheers to the geeks whose software quality assurance jobs are located in another part of the country thereby allowing them to work out of their home office!! Love ya, sweetie!