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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I want to buy a paper doll (part 1)

Librarians are collectors by nature. Its not "do you collect" but "what do you collect." Frequently it is books, but some of us branch out to other treasures. The Extraordinaire has many obsessions, high among them: paper dolls.

Lately she's been admiring the growing number of websites devoted to creating, collecting, and trading these little gems. eBay is a fantastic source too, but the Extraordinaire is always tempted to add to her collection. Look but don't touch (thy credit card) is the mantra she should be following. It's amazing the prices commanded by these little pieces of paper! Fortunately, many are "reasonable," though the Extraordinaire suggests that readers get familiar with the market before jumping in.

A few sites of interest:

Original Paper Doll Artists Guild

Paper Doll Game for the Fashionista

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Elizabeth said...

These are cute! Thanks for the links!