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Friday, March 20, 2009

Seeing Green

The color green has been on The Extraordinaire's mind a lot lately. Yes, it was recently St. Patrick's Day in all its glory; the world is also in a financial crisis that threatens to trickle down to yours truly as well as others in her circle; global warming continues to make the news too. However, what has taken her mind off of these pressing issues is her recent foray into Martha Stewart-ship and a dinner party given for an out of town friend to celebrate a recent engagement.

Never mind about the food, the table looked FANTASTIC!

Green tablecloth, green Bordallo Pinheiro pottery from Portugal with silver chargers, and a grapevine hanging from the chandelier.

There's a commercial out there where a woman whose Southern accent is thicker than even that of The Extraordinaire's mother (and that's pretty darn Southern) who remarks "I can't cook, but I sure can set a cute table." Fortunately for the guests, the cooking that night was pretty good, but for once there was a feast for the eyes.

Yes this is bragging, but, well, sometimes you've just got to show off and with my track record, this may be the only time such a thing is worthy of sharing!

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